Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Panels Pieces for My Comics Book

Few years ago, a friend of mine asked me to design a cover of his notebook. It will be used for producing fancy notebooks under his company.. I just don't know why no longer discuss further then.. It doesn't matter, I've done 'em and I wanna share 'em with you..
I got some categories of my hand drawings besides above, I have some drawings for bookmarks too.. but in the same condition, abandoned.. I will share 'em next time..

I created those drawings above followed a story about a teenage boy who had been ordered to babysit his baby brother.. The boy didn't like to do it.. bla bla bla... I haven't finished the story yet LOL..

I was drawing 'em totally using Photoshop.. (before I know how to draw with CorelDraw^^)

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