Saturday, October 27, 2012

My Design For Twinkle Party Planner

Recently I got an order from my friend, who had had a dream to be a party planner, to designing stuffs needed for a sweet corner of a party.
The 1st order is Red Riding Hood Theme.

I made the design and the drawing by my own.. It took almost a month to be done because I was doing it after I came home from work. My friend who owns the party planner, preparing all the things including printing my designs for food tags, labels, banner, cards,etc..; buying the snacks, table cloth, etc.. and arrange 'em beautifully put on the scene. She also baked the cakes, cookies..
Hoping this will be followed by another party theme ^^

This followings are what I created by my own

I made also the labels of  milk bottles , chocolate bars, cupcakes, popcorn cups..