Friday, November 2, 2012

Bunny Birthday Party Theme

This is the second order from Twinkle Party Planner for me to design Bunny Theme 1st Birthday Party. Gave me some time to draw my own character for the bunny. As they described, the bunny should wear diaper with big safety pin, sucks pacifier, and the bunny must be cute.
This is what I created:

Unfortunately, the customer doesn't want my bunnies, and gave me hers:
Haaahhh.. the picture too small. And I was thinking where were the diaper, the safety pin and the pacifier ? She, the customer was very choosy and easy to criticize using bad words... eerrgggg, I feel sorry to my friend who dealing with this customer.
So, I created another bunny using the customer drawing.. (My friend told me that the customer claimed the bunny was the customer's creation, waaaa...
Check this out:

My friend said, my new bunny wasn't cute enough...

So I was searching to find a cute bunny ...
I got this:
image taken from:
This is not my creation, and I borrow the bunny because the customer wanted this. By this post I say thanks a lot to Anjli Chaudhary who created this bunny. The bunny was totally cute.
I needed couple weeks to finished all the things needed for the party.

These following pictures are the things:

My friend who owns Twinkle party planner, preparing all the things including printing my designs for food tags, labels, banner, cards,etc..; buying the snacks, table cloth, etc.. and arrange 'em beautifully put on the scene. She also baked the cakes, cookies..

---oops, I need to continue working, I will be back ASAP----